Inspector W. Case
c/o Constabulary
St. Johnís 

Dear Sir,

            A telegram was sent you Nov. 13th describing my brother Edward Talmage Bethea, Seaman 1st class U.S.C.G.  The reason for this telegram being sent is that I was informed that an unidentified American Sailorís body was in the morgue at St. Johnís with other victims of the sinking of the passenger steamer Caribou.  My brother was aboard this vessel and has been reported as missing.  If you think there is any chance of this being my brother please notify me at once.

            I am inclosing a picture of him in civilian clothes.

            If you could give me any other information, or make any suggestion I shall be very grateful.


Yours very truly,
(Miss Alice Bethea)
Rt. 2
Ellisville, Miss. 


Description of E. T. Bethea

 22 yrs old
Height 5 ft. 8 in
Weight about 160 lbs
Blonde hair, grey eyes, fair complexion, wearing class ring (1939) on left hand with J.C.A.H.S. carved initials on inside E.T.B or T.B.
Bursted big toe nail (think right toe)
Small white scar in twirl of hair
Wears about size 8 Ĺ shoe
Crooked teeth, one upper eye tooth out (think to his right)

Source: "Provincial Archives of Newfoundland and Labrador."

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