Excerpts from the Slade & Kelson Diaries concerning the loss of the Fanny

Sunday 13th Dec, 1835 Ė Wind from the WSW in the morning veering in the afternoon to SW- in the evening to South. Fine and mild all day. In the morning about 5am arrived Schr. Sally, E. Eagan; from Hantís Harbour left from Old Perlican bringing with her the whole of the crew who providentially escaped from the wreck of Stonemanís schooner. Among the number is a Mr. Collier, a Clerk engaged for S&Kís establishment.

This is a painful task to record the melancholy catastrophe that occurred in the tremendous gale of the 3rd inst of the total loss of Wm. Kelson Jr. sloop & all hands, six in number, having perished off Hantís Harbour, part of the wreck is said to have been driven into Capelin Cove. The crew of the sloop were William Kelson Jr., Jno Stevenson, Jas. Swyers, Ben Breddy, Skipper, John Haiter, servít, John Sheppard & John Miller who lately lived at Wm. Spencerís Jigging Hole.

John Gardinerís boat also lost off Hantís Harbour all the crew met a watery grave. Part of the wreck was identified and picked up in Lance Cove, the crew of Gardinerís boat were Gardiner himself, his son Richard, Wm. Snow, John Anderson, old Thomas Leonard and T. Humphries.

Wm. March in Schr. Elizabeth, belonging to Job & Rankin of St. Johnís and from St. Johnís, last from Catalina, bound to Hantís Hr. to lay up for the ice lost off Danielís Cove & all hands on board, six in number, perished.

Mr. Stonemanís Schr. 5 Sisters lying a total wreck in Old Perlican, no lives lost & every portion of the goods shipped at St. Johnís saved, part of which was brought in the Sally to Trinity & part left in care of Mr. Regan of Old Perlican.

JBG & Co.ís New Perlican bait skiff and Ollerheadís boat both laden with goods, totally lost, crew saved.

Spenceís Schr. 3 Sisters driven on shore at Old Shop, water logged Ė and to wind up these woeful affairs Ė Mr. Grahamís Schr. Providence was stranded the following day at Smutty Nose, New Perlican, with her masts cut away.

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