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William Kelson Jr.

Heartís Content

Hant's Harbour

The Fanny, built for William Kelson Jr. of Trinity, was in existence for less than six months when she came to her watery grave in December 1835 near Hantís Harbour,  a community on the south side of Trinity Bay and almost directly across from Trinity. It has always had close ties to Trinity as many of the merchants from here also had businesses established in other communities throughout the Bay and Hantís Habour was one of them.

On the night of December 2  her journey would not be as successful as when they left St. Johnís the weather had already started but Captain Breddy was sure that his ship could make the port of Trinity. However fate had a different thing in mind for the members of the Fanny that night as they drifted into the cove upon the rocks and all hands were lost. It was the next day that members of the community found the bodies washed up on shore along with some of the wreckage.

Read the documents attached to learn about this vessels experience, read the diaries of William Kelsonís Uncle that tells of the loss of his nephew and how the people of Trinity learnt about the loss of yet another ship and her passengers, and how the people of Hantís Harbour continue to remember that tragic event that brought the two communities even closer together.


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