Loss of the Marion Rodgers

November 27, 1938
By William Dawe, Flatrock, Newfoundland and Labrador

Come old and young, both great and small
And listen unto me,
And learn a mournful shipwreck
That will loom in history.

 For once again it’s in the news,
“Another tragedy,
The schooner Marion Rodgers
Is lost near Trinity.”

 The schooner “Marion Rodgers”
She sailed from St. John’s town,
Deep laden with provisions,
To the Nor’ad she was bound.

Seven good seamen formed her crew,
All noble and so brave,
And little did they ever think
They’d meet a watery grave.

 Aye, little did they ever think
Goin’ down the shore that night,
The hour of death and tragedy
Was on its silent flight.

 The rolling seas were mountains high,
The ocean foaming white,
When those brave seamen met their doom
Upon that fateful night.

 The wind it blew most violently,
As on the ship did go;
The land it was not visible,
Through heavy squalls of snow.

 No one left to tell the tale,
So mournful and so dreary
Of that most awful shipwreck,
The worst one of the year.

 But those who left to mourn for them,
I hope will understand,
That God is on the ocean
As well as on the land. 

Then let our noble fishermen
Interpret this record,
By knowing their in Heaven
And have gained the “great reward.”

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