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More about the "Richard Greaves"

A few days ago this column referred to the Portmadoc schooner "Richard Greaves", which after sailing in the Newfoundland trade between Wales and Labrador for twenty years, was sold to Newfoundland interests.  The sale was made about 1906 and the vessel was lost the next year 1907, The question was asked: Who bought her and who was her Newfoundland captain?

Walter N. White, formerly of Bonavista, but now residing in St. John's, has volunteered the information that the schooner "Richard Greaves" was brought by the firm of Ryan Brothers of Trinity, and he believes her local skipper was Captain Daniel Connolly of Carbonear.  The Ryans bought the old Garland premises at Trinity.

According to Mr. White, Ryans first had a business at King's Cove Bonavista Bay.  But since many of their customers were Labrador planters and skippers who lived in Conception Bay, it was decided to move the business to Trinity, Trinity Bay.  This was thought to be more convenient as it eliminated the necessity of the vessels having to go around stormy Cape Bonavista when they went to be fitted out by the Ryans for Labrador season.

Published by a local telegram.

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