Richard Greaves Logbook

The book is from 1907-1908 and details the expenditures for the Richard Greaves.

An inventory listing of expenses incurred during repairs and restocking is given from each port of call. The contents of the book gives one a better understanding of items that would have been typically found aboard of a vessel in the early 20th century.

The Richard Greaves sailed in the Newfoundland trade between Wales and Labrador for twenty years and was sold around 1906 to the Ryan Brothers. The vessel was lost in 1907.  The Captain of the vessel was Daniel Connolly of Carbonear.

Insurance for the vessel was registered at Lloyds for 12 months till April 24, 08 cost ₤128 10. 2. for ₤700 on the hull; ₤400 on the freight and ₤100 on disbursements

 As example of freight on board one should note that on page 10 the vessel was at Orleans, Labrador where she took on $51.47 worth of supplies.

 On October 18th the Richard Greaves was in Gibralter and on November 20 in Malaga.

 The ship was damaged on its visit into Malaga as a carpenter and tinsmith were hired and paid as outlined on page 12. A survey of the hatches, damages and seaworthiness and repairs were also carried out. An account of this voyage is detailed in the Statement of General Average.

 December 4, 1907 the ship was in Cadiz, Spain.

 Pages 16 and 17 details the amounts paid out to the crew for wages during the last voyage of the vessel and outstanding bills to the end of 1908.

Excerpt from Ryan’s Diary on Tuesday, 18 February 1908. This diary was kept by William McGrath who was the bookkeeper for Ryan Brothers in Trinity.

 “News today of the “Richard Greaves” being abandoned at sea. Crew and captain taken off by Norweigon SS “Oscar the Second” and landed at Christiania, Norway.”

 According to the expenses book for the vessel it must have sank on February 10, 1908 as the men’s wages were paid up until that time.

Page 16

1908                Amount Brt Forward
Jany 1              Balance from 1907                                                       $4,665.33

                        J.J. Langley, Liverpool
                        preparing and completing protest
                        re loss of schooner
                        ₤2.12.6                                                $12.77
                        Wires and Expenses                                 1.22             $13.99

Febry 10          Wages for crew

                         Wesley Tulk
                        Wages from July 23, 1907
                        till Febry 10th, 1908
                        1 Month                                               $22.00
                        5 19/30 months            $25.00             $140.77           $162.77

                         Christopher Gushur
                        Wages from July 21, 1907
                        till Febry 10th, 08
                        6 21/30 months            $26.00                                     $174.27

                         Peter Martin
                        Wages from Sept 4, 07
                        till Febry 10th, 08
                        5 7/30 months              $21.00                                     $109.90

                         Daniel Connolly
                        Wages from
                        till Febry 10th, 08
                        10 5/30 months            $40.00                                     $406.65

                         Frederick Jenson
                        Wages from July 25, 07
                        Till February 10, 08
                        6 18/30 months            $21.00                                     $138.60

                        Daniel Connolly
                        Cash paid Consula at Malaga                $36.45
                        Cash paid Doctor                                 $13.00
                        Cash for Provisions                               $18.65
                                                                                    $68.10               $11.60
                        Cable to Newfoundland                                                  $1.82
                         Forwarded                                                                   $5,684.93

Page 17

To Amount Brt Forward                                                                       $5,684.93

                        Daniel Connolly
                        Expenses going to London
                        Train to and from etc.                           $8.52
                        Bonus on Wages                                  $15.00
                        Allowance on Account                         $1.15                $24.67

May 6              Cheque #22 from
                        Board of Trade                                                            $40.88

 Dec 31             R. Pittman’s bill at Trinity                                              $0.75
                        Alfred Jensen to
                        square account                                                              $6.93
                        Daniel Connolly to
                        square account                                                              $9.13
                        Paid Aurelius Bottino’s draft
                       Gibraltar dated 25th November 1907                             $13.38

                         Forwarded                                                                   $5,780.67

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