Richard Greaves

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Ryan Brothers

Richard Greaves
May, 1885



The Richard Greaves was a vessel that belonged to the Ryan Brothers of Trinity who had a branch store here as well as at King’s Cove and their headquarters in Bonavista. The company was involved mostly with the Labrador fishing trade, which would involve fitting out vessels to travel to the coast of Labrador to catch fish and then bringing it back to places like Trinity, before shipping it to Portugal and Spain in most cases.

The owners of this store in Trinity, Ryan Brothers, were also the owners of the Schooner Richard Greaves.It was on such a journey to Europe in 1907 that the Richard Greaves was badly damaged and had to jettison some of its cargo in order to make port. The materials that you will see and read here about this vessel are: excerpts from its account book, logbook and the investigative report into the damage that was incurred.

The vessel met its end shortly thereafter in 1908 when it had to be abandoned at sea.

                                                 Ryan's Store located in Trinity


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