‘Le désastre du Viking’

___________________________The Viking Disaster___________________________

Why are we all so sad to-day?
With flags at half-mast high;
“Disaster” comes to take the place
Of merriment and joy
The sorrow cause in many homes,
Through this catastrophe
Is surely shared by all of us,
Likewise our sympathy. 

The sealing ship the Viking,
Has completed her last voyage;
It’s sad to think her ending,
Spell the toll of many lives.
The danger of our gallant men.
Who go down to sea in ships,
Is more than fully realized;
In our country’s sealing trips.

We marvel at their courage,
And bravery on the floe;
Trying to help a weak brother,
As they struggle onward go.
To reach their “goal” the island,
It is no easy task;
Quite famished and exhausted,
They reach their friends at last. 

Relief anxiously is awaited,
And relief ships are in sight;
A barrier separates them,
Of thickly frozen ice.
Soon many ships will reach them,
And penetrate the pack;
For assistance must come quickly,
And survivors hurried back. 

The sympathy of the outside world,
Continues to pour in;
To show their thoughts are with us,
As we mourn the loss of men.
New York two gallant men have lost,
Of moving picture frame;
Who twice did come to picturize,
And show what’s in a name.
And finally “one” must utter,
Very many word of praise;
For the dwellers of “Horse Island,”
During all these strenuous days.
And to “Operator” Bartlett,
Our thoughts are with you too,
You played a most heroic part,
Getting information through.

                                    S. Pike

Le Jour de St. Patrick, 1931

The Evening Telegram, le 23 mars, 1931


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