108 Viking Survivors Transferred to Sagona

Several Injured Men to be Conveyed in Dories – Sealing Ships Replenish Supplies on Horse Island

            Messages received late yesterday evening reported that 108 of the survivors of the Viking disaster who landed on Horse Islands had reached the rescue ship Sagona.  Eight others, more or less injured, including Captain Kean, did not get off the ship.  Dr. Moores reports that six of the cases will have to be taken on board in dories hauled over the ice.

Rescued Total 122

            The rescued accounted for total 122.  How many are missing has not been definitely established.  The number will probably be 28 or 30.

Imogene’s Men First To Arrive

            As reported in yesterday’s issue Dr. Faussett from the S.S. Imogene with medical supplies reached Horse Islands at 9:30 a.m. and the first group of survivors reached the Sagona about a few hours later.

Dr. Moores With Supplies Reached Island

            Messages received late in the afternoon reported that Dr. Moores with men from the Sagona hauling supplies in a dory had reached the island at noon, after a walk of five miles at the rate of one mile an hour.  Before dark sealers from the Imogene and Beothic had conveyed from the Sagona supplies of food for the residents of the island, as all their provisions had been exhausted by influx of survivors.

Doctor’s Report Of Injured

            The report of Dr. Moores on reaching the island is contained in the following message:

                        To Clyde Lake, Esq., Minister of Marine and Fisheries.

            Horse Islands, March 19 (7:42 p.m.)

            Walked from Sagona to Horse Island. Arrived 12 a.m., five hours’ walk.  Took one dory with supplies.  Ice Bad.  Saw all injured on island:  Captain Kean, cut head, not serious, left kidney injured, no fracture, good shape;  Alfred Fifield, right leg injured, no fracture, otherwise normal;  Patrick Whalen, cut eye, foot injured, not serious;  Richard Adams, right arm injured, bruised face, could probably walk on board Sagona;  Alphonse Doyle, frost bitten toe, bad right rib fracture, otherwise good;  Richard King, ice-blind only, no fracture, normal, can walk around; Israel Bradbury, influenza, mild, otherwise good; Jerry Quinlon, face and head cut, slight injuries to back and right foot, cannot walk, in fair condition.  There are six cases that have to be taken on board in dories.  If weather suitable will try reach Sagona with cases tomorrow.  None of the cases on the island is serious.  Fred Best, Captain Kennedy, Clayton King on Sagona in poor shape.


                                                                                                (Sgd.) Dr. Moores

The Evening Telegram, March 20, 1931

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