The Viking


First Sound Film


Explosion Heard off Horse Island

118 Vikings Crew Rescued


Seven Additional Survivors of the Viking Disaster Rescued after Two Days' Exposure

Frissell, Penrod and Sargent in Viking's Cabin when Explosion Occurred

Frissell's Father sending plane to Horse Island


Viking Survivors Estimated at 118

Twenty Dead Reported


S.S. Imogene Men and Doctor reach Horse Island


The Viking Disaster


Viking Poem

Missing from the S.S.Viking



108 Viking Survivor Transferred to Sagona


A Magnificent Accomplishment


Balchen Expedition awaits favourable weather to fly to Newfoundland


Made Talkie film about Viking Disaster

Proposed Plane Expedition to Horse Islands is Posponed

Rescue Ships Jammed Solid

Sagona brings Viking Survivors


Sagona Homeward Bound


Search for Survivors


Varick Frissell


The Viking Disaster


Wireless a Godsend


Excerpts from the Viking's Last Cruise

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