118 Viking’s Crew Rescued

Capt. Abram Kean, jr., Injured When Flung From Bridge by Explosion, Reaches Horse Island – Many of Survivors in Weak Condition

Five Badly Injured Men All Night Long in Dory About Five Miles

Relief Ship Foundation Franklin Expects to Reach Scene of Disaster at One p.m.


            The following messages were received this morning by the Department of Telegraphs, from Operator Bartlett, Horse Island.

            “One hundred and eighteen survivors of the Viking landed here safely.  A number of the men are in a weak condition.”  The operator states he had short conversation with Capt. Abram Kean Jr., last night after he landed.  The captain stated he was thrown from the bridge over the side to the ice, a distance of twelve feet, at the time of the explosion, and sustained bodily injuries.  The operator made further inquiries and learned that all the men who were able to walk have been rescued.  A dory containing five survivors who are badly injured, with two others offering assistance, failed to make the mainland during the night.  The position of the dory when last seen was about five miles due east of Horse Islands.

Position Of Rescue Ships

            At 8:30 a.m. the Department of Telegraphs advised THE TELEGRAM that the rescue steamers Foundation Franklin and Sagona, which were dispatched with haste yesterday afternoon from this port to the scene of the disaster are making excellent headway.  Captain Burgess sent in a wireless message via Fogo stating the Foundation Franklin would reach Horse Island about one o’clock, while Capt. Jacob Kean reported at 8 a.m. the Sagona had passed Cabot Island.

Telegram Message

            A special message from Operator Bartlett to THE EVENING TELEGRAM at 10 a.m. was as follows:

            “118 landed here safe many suffering severe injuries, - Six men left here to search for operator.”

The Evening Telegram

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