Balchen Expedition Awaits Favourable Weather to Fly to Newfoundland

Another Plane is Expected to Leave for Horse Island

Balchen At St. John

St. John, N.B., March 20 (C.P.)

            Balchen and two companions, who arrived in their amphibian plane this afternoon on route to Horse Islands. Are awaiting favourable weather.

Took Off at 10:53 a.m. From Boston

                        Boston, March 20 (C.P.)

            The aerial relief expedition headed by Balchen took off from Boston airport at 10:53 today on the first leg of a flight to Newfoundland to search for Viking survivors.  Randy Enslow, relief pilot, was at the controls. At ?? this afternoon the plane was reported passing over Isle au Haut. Maine.

Plane Leaves To Take Pictures At Horse I.

                        Concord, N.H., March 20 (C.P.)

            Robert S. Fogg, manager of the Concord airport, announced that he would hop off at 3 a.m. this morning for Horse Islands, to take pictures of Viking survivors.  The plane is equipped with skill, and will proceed via St. John, Sydney, St. Johnís, and is expected to reach Horse Islands early on Sunday.

The Evening Telegram, March 21, 1931

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