Frissell, Penrod and Sargent in Viking’s Cabin When Explosion Occurred

No Sign of Companions Afterwards, Says Sargent

Ice Littered With Wreckage of All Descriptions – Rescue Party Left Ships This Morning for Horse Island

            Following the plan suggested yesterday after the rescue ships had given up the attempt the reach Horse Islands, where the Viking survivors and residents are in desperate need of food and medical supplies, doctors and crews from the Beothic and Imogene started shorewards at an early hour this morning, carrying provisions over the four or five miles of very rough and impenetrable ice which separates them from the shore.

Ships Reached Scene Of Explosion

            The S.S. Eagle and S.S. Neptune yesterday evening reached the spot where the explosion on the Viking took place.  Only one body found but wreckage of every description was strewn everywhere over the ice.  One man’s body was found, but there was no sign of Varick Frissell or A.E. Penrod.

Sitting In Cabin At Time Of Explosion

            Harry Sargent, rescued by the Beothic, in a message to the Minister of Marine and Fisheries reported that Frissell and Penrod were sitting at the table in the cabin with him when the explosion occurred and were not afterwards seen.  Sargent is reported doing well on the Sagona navigator Kennedy suffering from pneumonia.  Clayton King the wireless operator in serious condition with gangrene in both legs which were frozen.

Last Night’s Message Tells Of Explosion

Frissell, Penrod and Sargent in Cabin When Disaster Occurred

            In reply to an enquiry set by the Minister of Marine and Fisheries to Mr. Sargent the following was received:

            Minister of Marine and Fisheries:

            Sagona, via Fogo, March 18 (6:56 a.m.) – Frissell and Penrod were sitting at table with me when the explosion occurred.  Did not see them again.  Have notified my family of my safety.

                                                                                                (Sgd.) SARGENT

Believes Missing Gone Down With Viking

            Minister of Marine and Fisheries:

            S.S. Ungava, via Fogo, March 18 (9:31 p.m.) – Gave up search at 4 p.m. Only one body around wreckage.  Eagle, Neptune, Ungava gave it a complete search.  Only the one body to be found.  Considering the way the hull was blown up think the remainder of the missing must have gone down.  Started searching yesterday at 4 p.m. 7 miles east of Horse Islands, finished today 28 miles south-southeast Gull Island.  East wind now.  Think men will have no trouble to get aboard ships in the morning.

Three Rescued On Dory Transferred To Sagona

            The following report concerning the three men rescued in a dory by S.S. Beothic was received yesterday afternoon from Dr. Moores, on S.S. Sagona.

            S.S. Sagona, via Fogo, March 18 (3:24 p.m.) – Johnson good condition walked on board without help.  Alfred Kean scalp wound and injured knee, not serious.  Fred Best, both feet frozen, result indefinite at present.  These were transferred from the Beothic at 12 a.m.   Impossible to walk to the island, ice bad, making slow progress.  At present about 5 miles away.

The Evening Telegram, March 19, 1931

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