Missing from the SS Viking

Varick Frissell, New York
A. E. Penrod, New York
E. Cronin (stowaway), St. Johnís
David Winter, master-watch, Valleyfield
J. Wheeler, master-watch, Lower Lance Cove
William Goodwin, cook, New Melbourne
Charles Fry, cook, Brigus
George Cross, Badgerís Quay
Alban Oakley, Wesleyville
James Linthorne, Georgetown, Brigus
John Austin, Brownsdale
Malcom Webber, Cupids (may be on Thetis)
John Breaker, Brigus
Joseph Kelly, Brigus
Joseph Stockley, Brookfield
Zach Thistle, Pouch Cove
Patrick Bartlett, Brigus
Henry Sparkes, Brigus
George Spracklin, Brigus
Stephen Mullett, Wesleyville
John J. Roche, St. Johnís
Roland Carter, St. Johnís
Joseph Murphy, St. Johnís
Fred Carnell, St. Johnís
H. Hansford, St. Johnís
Harold Wiseman, St. Johnís
Anthony Taylor, St. Johnís

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