Proposed Plane Expedition to Horse Islands is Postponed

Amphibian With Balchen was Organized by Father of Varick Frissell

Plane Expedition Ready

                        Boston, March 19 (C.P)

            A dozen mechanics worked with cleverish haste today preparing the amphibian plane to penetrate the frozen water of Northern Newfoundland.  Bernt Balchen has retired to a local hotel after a night at the airport to rest in preparation for his long flight which it was expected to begin at 2 a.m. tomorrow with Balchen at the controls.

Airman Planned Private Venture To Horse Island.

                        North Beach, N.Y., March 19 (C.P)

            Landing here this evening from Valley Stream, Bill Margalis, an official of Nassau Air Service Corporation, announced he would load equipment for night flying and leave as soon as possible directly for St. Johnís, with co-pilot.  The plane is equipped to take pictures, and Margalis stated that the flight was an independent venture.

Balchenís Plans

            At Boston mechanics prepared plane for Bernt Balchen, who planned to hop off by 2 a.m., carrying supplies via Halifax and St. Johnís, for any Viking survivors they might find.  The flight is being hurriedly organized by Frissellís father.

A Third Party 

            A third expedition to succor possible survivors is under consideration at Boston, by Captain William S. Wincapau, of Great Atlantic Airways, Incorporated, Portland, who said if authorized he was prepared to leave Rockland in an amphibian this morning, flying to St. Anthony.

Second Thoughts Are Best

                        Boston, March 20 (C.P.)

            Because of adverse weather, Balchenís proposed flight to Horse Island is postponed until daybreak at the earliest. Bill Marsalis who flew from Valley Stream, N.Y., to North Beach, N.Y., en route to Newfoundland to take pictures at the scene of the Viking wreck, has abandoned the attempt.

The Evening Telegram

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