S.S. Imogene’s Men and Doctor Reach Horse Island

Survivors Fed, Afterwards Sent on Board Sagona

            Messrs. Bowring Bros., Ltd., received the following message at 11:40 this forenoon:

            Imogene’s men and Dr. Forsey with supplies reach Horse Islands 9:30 this morning.  Viking’s survivors now coming on board Imogene and are being fed, afterwards sent out to Sagona.

Horse Island Women Nearly Exhausted

Operator Bartlett Speaks of Services of Residents in Highest Terms

Superintendent Veitch of the Postal Telegraphs, received the following message this morning from Operator Otis Bartlett at Horse Islands, were since Sunday night he has been rendering continuous and invaluable service to bring succor to the survivors of the Viking Disaster:

            “Captain Kean after having a good night went to the assistance of the nearly exhausted women, attending the injured and sick men.  Four men were severely hurt. The women and men of the place are doing wonderfully good work.  Was able to take a rest myself up to 2 a.m.  Will send you full particulars later.”

Splendid Work Recognized

            In a reply to Operator Bartlett, Superintendent Veitch said:

            “Your untiring attention to duty highly appreciated and is receiving widespread recognition.”

3 Ships Assisting

            The above message was confirmed by the Minister of Marine and Fisheries, who received the following at noon:

            “Doctor with men from Imogene, Beothic and Sagona who have reached Horse Islands, already started to leave the Island with survivors to board the Imogene where they are being fed.  The Imogene is four miles from land.  After resting here survivors will be taken to Sagona.  The doctor went over the ice in dory and men carried supplies with them.”

            The operator also added the information that supplies of food landed at island o.k. and weather conditions were fair.

Survivors Reach Sagona

            At 1 p.m. to-day Capt. Jacob Kean of S.S. Sagona, reported that the first batch of survivors had reached his ship.  The Captain did not state the number.  The Minister of Marine has asked for list of names and particulars of parties reaching the ship and any who may be unable to leave the island.

Albion Oakley Was Not A Victim

            The Telegram Leans that Albion Oakley, sealer, Wesleyville, who was one of those supposed to answer the roll call on the ill-fated S.S. Viking, and was included among those in the missing, did not sail on the ship.  It is not known if anybody else has his ticket.

Big Amphibian Plane To The Rescue

            According to the Canadian Press dispatch from Boston, the big Sikorsky amphibian will be leaving there at midnight, at the request of Dr. Lewis Frissell for Horse Islands, to search for his son Varick Frissell, of the Paramount Talking Picture Company.  It was expected that the big bird of the air would get away by one o’clock, Bernt Balchrn, the pilot, in charge, accompanied by two other birdmen, but it was decided to put in extra tanks for further supply of gasoline before the take-off.  Balchen is a noted flyer, having crossed the Atlantic in June 1927 with Admiral Byrd, and on another occasion with Byrd to the South Pole.  The Telegram learns that all ships at sea have been notified to keep a sharp lookout for the American plane.  Canadian press dispatch states further that Balchen will likely stop at Corner Brook, St. John’s, or Harbor Grace before going to Horse Islands.  Mr. Herman Archibald is looking after the Harbour Grace airport pending the planes arrival.

The Evening Telegram.

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